3D Character

Based from the original artwork by Chelsey Thomas.

Pretty excited to share this character with all of you, as always I learnt a ton during this project but this wasn't a trip I did by myself.

The modeling of this project was done following the course 'Characters Modeling for Production' by Shannon Thomas on CGTarian.
Topology is heavily inspired on the one from Shannon Thomas and Sergi Caballer.
Marlon R Nuñez gave me some very well spot pointers that went over my head but where so necessary.
Entered Rise Up Animation as a Mentee under the wing of Bear Williams who also provided me with guidance on character creation and a very warm chat.
This is my first finished groom in Maya thanks to the resources from Creature Garage by Jesus FC.
Big thanks to everyone!

Also have to thank the support from my family, friends and all you who follow and support my work!

As always, there's stuff I can't help but notice and want to improve but that should be on the next one.

Super proud of this character, again, thanks Chelsey for letting me use your design!


Modeling: ZBrush & Maya
Texturing: ZBrush & Substance
PainterHair & Fur: XGen
Render: Arnold for Maya
Compositing: After Effects